Thursday, January 31, 2013

red sonja ! with tankard and sword ! :D

must there always be a brawl at the tavern? the question answers itself :D.
red sonja at the local tavern ...yes, a brawl is about to ensue :D

green scale cultist ... swamp witch ... futuristic warrior ! :D

sketch of a green scale cultist , these are human priestesses that worship and consort with the lizardmen ^^;
green scale cultist on the prowl !

swamp witch  !

r7 battalion leader ... a futuristic warrior who fights kaiju !

faces - lich rising , seer , vampire noble , shireling

lich rising !

sketch of a seer !

vampire noble !

shireling ...the shirelings are a sect of halfling clerics that follow the anti-paladin thanos ...

m.ono ...buni warrior ...succubus...neverwinter knight... m.ono again -yeah its a sketch dump :D

m.ono ...sci-fi assassin

buni warrior !
succubus on the prowl ! 

neverwinter knight ^^;...:D

m.ono , sci-fi assassin  still on the prowl!

goblin warrior with war pig ! and enter the folki !

 goblin warrior stands with war pig at her side :w00t:
goblin warrior with war pig :D
 some sketches of the folki...the folki are fierce swamp warriors that often brawl with lizardmen...
folki warrior stands ^^;

i can has blog ? ...:D. duergar ... halfling... duergar ...halfling :D

ok so had some art block ^^; im back in business :w00t:...a few duergars and halflings to start
duergar priestess with magical ring ^^;...

shireling cultist with dagger ...the shirelings are a sect of halfling clerics that follow  the anti-paladin thanos

duergar warrior in holiday armor ^^;...:D

savage the halfling exhorting her troops to fight with courage and precision :w00t: