Saturday, December 22, 2012

orc shamans ! faces !

ideas for some orc shamans / witchdoctors . these fellows belong to mysterious circle of orcish shamans...due to ritual and breeding they are albinos with red eyes .
shaman concept 1

shaman concept 2

duergar thief ! on the prowl ! :D

sketch of duergar thief ...prowling around...looking for loot of course :D. getting some ideas for a party of evil npc .
yes, duergar females are bald too ^^;...:D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i won a first edition holmes basic set ! :w00t:

  zenopus archives blog held a contest to give away a holmes basic boxed set....and i won! the old saw 'you don't win unless you play...' is true :D. very excited about this and can't wait to unbox it and give it a whirl. once i get it im going to try to do a series of sketches based around the artwork and illos inside the box.
blogpost about the giveaway is here holmes for the holidays 2 contest .

for anyone curious i won on a roll of 22(there were 30 contestants)...
yeah i had to read the formula too :D....this is from zenopus (scroll down) explanation of the die roll ^^;..:D  :
'Update #3, 12/19: Tonight I had my trusty assistant make the roll. To generate a random 1-30, we used the method suggested in the back of the Holmes rulebook: "If 1-30 or 1-36 aredesired, read the 6-sider with the 20- or 12-sided die, with 1-2 equalling no addition, 3-4 adding 10, and 5-6 adding 20" (pg 45 of the 2nd printing). Note that the original white 20-sided die from the Holmes set is numbered 0-9 twice. And here is the result:'

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

van vliet ! colored ! :w00t:!

ok one more for today good friend carol , her deviant page is here , colored up a black and white sketch i did of van vliet , my elven bard oc. i was super pleased with how this came out.
van vliet colored by carol :w00t:
original pencil sketch

succubus on the prowl ! :D

sketch of a succubus prowling around a dungeon ^^;...:D
succubus on the prowl ! 

beholder lord ! floats! :D

sketch of a beholder lord ...these are incredibly ancient and incredibly powerful creatures. they hunt mind flayers as prey ^^;...and in turn are hunted by teams of mind flayers(one of the few times flayers will group).
beholder lord !

Monday, December 17, 2012

i has a blog ? :D . kronston the renasce !

a sketch of kronston , he is a renasce ...a character brought back to life via a necromantic ritual. the renasce awaken with memories and consciousness of their past lives...and are more than a bit angry about being revived. typically they will be former mages / clerics / anti-paladins (kronston is a former anti-paladin) :w00t:.
Kronston the renasce !

Monday, December 3, 2012

flesh golem leaps ! watch out for falling codpieces ! ^^;...:D

more golem madness! ^^;...:D. sketch of a flesh golem leaping !
flesh golem leaps !

van vliet ! elven bard !

a sketch of van vliet , my elven bard -with accompanying stats...using 4d6 drop lowest die method ^^;. +2 for dexterity and intelligence and -2 to constitution...elven racial bonus :w00t:.
 alignment-chaotic good.
hp-6 :w00t:
abilities -
str- 12
dex- 13 +2 -15
con- 13 -2- 11
int- 14+2-16
cha- 17

van vliet ... ready for dungeon ! :D

Saturday, December 1, 2012

sylvain princess leaps ! new monster ! :D

a sketch of a sylvain princess ..the sylvain are essentially female centaurs - half female / half deer :w00t:...:D. she is fleeing an elven hunting party ^^;...she escapes :D. they are commonly called the fauni ....
sylvain princess leaps !