Thursday, November 7, 2013

thor and loki ! the frost giants will be stopped ! :D

a sketch of thor and his brother (in female form :w00t:...:D) loki ...they are plotting war strategy -a column of frost giants is approaching asgard ^^;...
thor and loki ....the frost giants will be stopped ! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

rowena the cutpurse ! with lootz ! :D

a sketch of rowena , my level one thief / cutpurse ...she has recently looted a nobleman of his jewelry :w00t:
+1 lockpicks ftw :D

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

briar runner ! at rest ! :D

sketch of a briar runner ... a surprisingly sturdy and agile mount -most often used by goblins and halflings :w00t:.
briar runner at rest ^^;...:D

Monday, October 14, 2013

red sonja vs the mummy creature ! :D

title pretty much sums this one up :D
there will be battle ! :D

vampire lord ! level one paladin riding a war pig ! :D

sketch of a vampire lord ...crushing a human heart ^^;...and a sketch of a paladin riding a war pig (she saved a village from a bugbear...alas the pig is all they had...she is ecstatic-doing good is it's own reward :w00t:...:D).
vampire lord ...and a paladin riding a war pig ! :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

i wanna be an elven ranger ! ...:D. the forest shall be free !

a sketch of lisel , my level one elven ranger :w00t:...she has just cleared the forest (well a small portion of it ^^;..:D) of two hobgoblins. the forest shall remain free !
forest creatures it is safe now ! :D

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

duergar nobles ! house rou-hema !

duergar nobles of house rou-hema (a powerful duergar trading house in the duergar city of Krian , that at present is funding and leading an expeditionary force into drow senses battle ahead )
duergar court !

Monday, October 7, 2013

rihal , duergar blackguard ! ^^;...:D

a sketch of rihal , a notorious duergar blackguard ...probably the most skilled assassin with poisons/assasinations/dirty tricks at work in the medium sized duergar city of Krian
Rihal , ready for battle !

beholder and the duergar !

beholder and the duergar surgeon ^^;...:D. the duergar have always craved (and hoarded knowledge)...this is a sketch of a duergar surgeon (will qualify as a cleric of same level) dissecting a beholder. the beholder must be young as he is very small...the surgeon is harvesting organs(to make spell reagants from) and also for general study. books/tomes of each creature the duergar fight are written up and given to the martial wings of duergar society. notes- the lamps hold living fungi that are encased in the 'bulb area'...they emit powerful lights of differing colors.
beholder and the duergar surgeon !

Sunday, October 6, 2013

duergar ! assassins of house ghiri !

a few sketches of some duergar assassins the world of the duergar the rich houses fight constantly. it proves useful to have a cadre of killers ^^;.. . a few sketches of a few of these assassins ...they pledge loyalty (all things being relative :D) to house ghiri
duergar assassins ! :D

Thursday, October 3, 2013

orc mages ! orcish cleric and the war ritual ! ^^;...:D

orcish mages ...orcs typically focus on evoker schools(fire magic in particular...but there are also powerful necromantic orders ). mages will be relatively(compared to average orcs) slender as they have historically devoted themselves to studies versus labor and war...altho they are no strangers to the battlefield.
orcish mages !

orcish cleric and the war ritual ...orcs are highly finds altars a nearly constant presence in  orcish dwellings and a visitor will stand in awe(and fear ^^;) as he looks at the massive monuments to the orcish gods in the major cities. this priestess is performing a dance on one of the battle rituals..before battles the priestesses will perform these ritual dances
orcish priestess and the war ritual ^^:...:D

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

hellknight ! orcish cleric ! :D

steiner , a hellknight on the campaign trail ...he is leading an army against a group of rebellious townsfolk ^^; townsfolk run! :D
steiner , the hellknight 

sketch of an orcish cleric ...orcs make surprisingly good clerics. a warlike society is in constant need of good healers :D.
orcish cleric 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

orcs ! an orcish skirmisher ...and a sketch of orc nobles !

an orcish skirmisher ... orcish light infantry . used to harass/and scout enemy armies.

an orcish skirmisher

a sketch of a clan of orcish nobles. these orcs control a wide swath of land that overlaps with dwarves and humans. the more provincial, and warlike, orcs are represented by shamans/warlords and barbarians(their appearance is also more 'orclike'-thicker necks more prominent fangs/tusks)...the orcs of the cities and courts(various princelings/merchants/necromancers/clerics) actually more resemble half orcs(thinner faces and fangs that are often filed down), these orcs reside in the lands that border human cities and outposts.

one makes a mistake to assume orcs are crude..orcish guile and cunning is legendary amongst their most hated enemy(the dwarves). orcish court politics would at times make even a drow gasp for breath :D.
various orcish nobles !

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

zombie royalty ....aka court zombie ... faces ! :D

been playing around with the idea of zombie royalty a court setting...plenty of palace intrigue. the zombie royals are most powerful and  live for hundreds of years...
zombie lords...

zombie princess strolls! ^^;...:D

Monday, September 23, 2013

various oc's ^^;...:D
regine , level 1 barbarian fighter :w00t:...:D

cherish the cleric :D

costaine , the druid who has fled his sect ^^;.. 
duergar scout ^^;...:D

savage , my halfling fighter 
cleric confronts succubus and pit fiend :D...

i can still has blog ...savage halfling returns ! more nsfw ^^;...:D

ok so back from the wilderness :D...been drawing a bunch of nudes lately so deal with it :XD:. anyways expect more of the usual madness. without further ado...

evil mages plot ^^;....:D

goblin queen stands :w00t:

goblin queen ...victory is at hand ! :D

goblin queen ...the long march !

red sonja is a halfling :w00t:

red riding hood ....battle ready :D

female necromancer ^^;

Saturday, April 27, 2013

more of house eritheii ! :w00t:....decadent undead nobles ftw :D

ok more sketches of house eritheii i suspected they are moving away from cenobites...and now are decadent undead / vampire nobles. palace intrigue abounds of course :D
house eritheii nobles !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

mesmer , leader of the local thieve's guild visits the jailhouse ....mildly nsfw ^^;...:D

why is mesmer, the head of the local thieves guild, naked at the jailhouse pretending to be a farmer's wife ^^;...:D? does this call for some backstory  :D

would appear as if the local militia have rounded up a bunch of local farmers-the prince's prized deer has been slaughtered and skinned and the local village is paying the price for the animal's death. the dragnet caught up a roughneck named royston(who is actually a mid level thief) and he has been successfully posing as a farmhand but it is only a matter of time before his cover is blown. enter mesmer :D...the guards at the jail are notorious for demanding 'tribute' from family members wanting to visit prisoners...she makes this a short visit and royston and mesmer are soon off into the night :boogie:.
mesmer the jailhouse visit ^^;

lacerus the god of the imprisoned and oppressed !

 a sketch of lacerus the god of the imprisoned and oppressed :w00t:...
his story is one that depends on the one telling the poor and persecuted he is a wrongly imprisoned god-to the powerful and cruel he is cast as a political dissident and a violent criminal....his real story is presented here...

lacerus was a minor god of commerce imprisoned(and savagely tortured) because he had slurred Riggen, the powerful god of war(he was framed in the murder of the beautific, 10 of the most beautiful nymphs-personal handmaidens to the goddess of fertility...). after 400 years his sister Cloma(the goddess of travel) visited and he expected to be released...she said the court had found further evidence of his guilt and accused him of high crimes against the court...they had labeled him an insurrectionist.

truth be told, even at this early date, the handsome young god was becoming something of a folk hero to the masses-a symbol of the wrongfully accused. the gods were petty and fearful and condemned him to a 1000 more years in prison...if anything he was tortured with more ferocity than before...the years passed and the poor, the imprisoned(wrongfully and otherwise), the dissidents-they were his flock....their stories were his and he was their prince. soon he began to formulate plans of escape...

after each escape the walls of the prison were built 60 feet higher and 60 feet thicker...and the punishments grew more and more extreme...still the god endured! after 600 years his sister once again came to visit and told him that if he just held on another 100 years(with no escape attempts)- a movement was stirring that would have him freed. lacerus simply smiled...cloma was rather shocked at his demeanor 'brother after all of these years do you not want freedom...'...'release from this prison...?'...lacerus smiled again and said 'dear sister they haven't built me a prison, they have built me a castle...' ....50 years later with an army of prisoners lacerus slew his jailers and had the massive prison fortress as his own!

notes- a rather long backstory but necessary for a series of sketches of the priests (and of course priestesses :D ) of lacerus :boogie:....

sketch is here on my deviant page...mildly nsfw (male nudity ^^;...:D)
lacerus god of the imprisoned !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

i can has blog ! ....part fourteen ^^;....:D... sylvi scout and elven druid at the ruins ! mildly nsfw ^^;...:w00t:...:D

well ...ummm...haven't been updating that much (dissappeared for about 3 months ^^; has been eating away my time-damn you boss !)....anyways best way to get back is to get back :w00t: .... the sylvi are  essentially female centaurs ...half female half deer :w00t:. and the other sketch is of an elven druid fleeing the ruins of an ancient elven temple ...does some great evil lurk within....i would imagine it does :D.

sketch of a sylvi scout and an elven druid exploring some strange ruins ^^;...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

afro barbarian ! cadet libertine ! :D

one of the fierce afroed ^^;...:D...barbarians from the southern regions :w00t:
barbarian warrior with brigand head ^^;...
a sketch of cadet libertine , an astronaut / explorer aboard the centauri 5
cadet libertine ....alarum ! alarum! :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

savage the halfling ! drow priestess !

savage the halfling warrior ... with drow head ^^;...:w00t:
don't mess with halfling fighters :D
drow priestess ... sacrificial ceremony ^^;...
drow priestess ...a tribute to Lolth :w00t:

Friday, February 8, 2013

druig swamp witch casting spell ! ...^^;..

a sketch of a druig witch casting a spell .... druig spellcasters will often use organs as ingredients/reagents in this witch has done with a human heart ^^;...
druig witch ...casting a gory spell ...:faint:...:D

feral kat and the gargoyle head ! :D

every good burglar needs an escape route or three is feral kat , the very sexy oc of my friend katfood 25 , practicing a maneuver involving a flip over a gargoyle head ^^;..
feral kat and the escape route ...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

enter the druig ! ^^;...:D

this is Sittal Nur , a legendary druig hunter. the druigs are an ancient race of old or older than the mind flayers-and the two races have warred since they first crossed paths aeons ago. in this sketch Sittal lays in wait in the depths of the underworld-he has set traps and lures all over this cave system...he is hunting the  powerful mind flayer prince Renal ... needless to say the battle will be epic :D

druig hunter waiting for mind flayer prince ....

halfling thieves ftw ! :D

a couple of halfling thieves / cutpurses ...prowling around of course :D
halfling thieves ....looking for lootz :D

little red duergar hood ! red riding hood as a duergar ^^;...:D

the story of the red hood is one often told to duergar children at bedtime ...^^;...:D

red is on her way to visit her grandmother...when she is attacked by a hairless wolf with gleaming eyes :fear:...luckily at that moment a party of adventurers happens along, led by the stalwart paladin the party it looks like a dwarven teenager is being attacked by a monster(the wolf is actually a result of a twisted duergar experiment that turned a noble cleric into this beast) meanwhile is putting on a good show(screaming and crying...' being attacked by a vicious creature ...'). the party soon makes short work of the wolf and offers to accompany red on her way to grandma's furthers the illusion by telling the party that she is a lost dwarf and has been tortured by drow(they even shaved her head she whimpers :D). that night as the party lays down to slays each one of them ^^;

....continuing her journey-red soon formulates a plan to assassinate her grandma(she has quite of stash of valuable gems) she approaches the hut she uses hide in shadows :w00t: and sneaks in and throttles the elder duergar in her sleep...the end :XD:.
red hood ...on her way to grandma's house ^^;..:D

drow priestess and the temple carving ! :D

a drow priestess strolls in front of one of the carvings at a lolth temple , in the drow stronghold/trading post of sinloss ...
drow priestess and the spider carving...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

this and that ...cadet red ! red riding hood redesign! comrade dawnya ! :D

a sketch of cadet red astronaut of centauri corps -her vessel has crash landed on an alien planet-during her snooping around she found an alien skull and promptly put it on :D
cadet red exploring alien city ^^;...
a redesign of red riding hood this telling grandma was a french foreign legion sergeant-as a result red has been trained since childhood in small arms fire-she is also an excellent knife fighter and grappler ^^;...:w00t:...:D...could also be a design for a gunsmith ^^;.
red riding hood ...wolf you better watch out buddy ! :D

comrade dawnya (one of the most skilled of the soviet commandos in ww2) ....a determined woman is on her way to berlin-her mission? kill hitler ! she has briefly stopped along the way to make sure she's on the right road :D
comrade dawnya ... hitler it is on!