Saturday, December 22, 2012

orc shamans ! faces !

ideas for some orc shamans / witchdoctors . these fellows belong to mysterious circle of orcish shamans...due to ritual and breeding they are albinos with red eyes .
shaman concept 1

shaman concept 2

duergar thief ! on the prowl ! :D

sketch of duergar thief ...prowling around...looking for loot of course :D. getting some ideas for a party of evil npc .
yes, duergar females are bald too ^^;...:D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i won a first edition holmes basic set ! :w00t:

  zenopus archives blog held a contest to give away a holmes basic boxed set....and i won! the old saw 'you don't win unless you play...' is true :D. very excited about this and can't wait to unbox it and give it a whirl. once i get it im going to try to do a series of sketches based around the artwork and illos inside the box.
blogpost about the giveaway is here holmes for the holidays 2 contest .

for anyone curious i won on a roll of 22(there were 30 contestants)...
yeah i had to read the formula too :D....this is from zenopus (scroll down) explanation of the die roll ^^;..:D  :
'Update #3, 12/19: Tonight I had my trusty assistant make the roll. To generate a random 1-30, we used the method suggested in the back of the Holmes rulebook: "If 1-30 or 1-36 aredesired, read the 6-sider with the 20- or 12-sided die, with 1-2 equalling no addition, 3-4 adding 10, and 5-6 adding 20" (pg 45 of the 2nd printing). Note that the original white 20-sided die from the Holmes set is numbered 0-9 twice. And here is the result:'

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

van vliet ! colored ! :w00t:!

ok one more for today good friend carol , her deviant page is here , colored up a black and white sketch i did of van vliet , my elven bard oc. i was super pleased with how this came out.
van vliet colored by carol :w00t:
original pencil sketch

succubus on the prowl ! :D

sketch of a succubus prowling around a dungeon ^^;...:D
succubus on the prowl ! 

beholder lord ! floats! :D

sketch of a beholder lord ...these are incredibly ancient and incredibly powerful creatures. they hunt mind flayers as prey ^^;...and in turn are hunted by teams of mind flayers(one of the few times flayers will group).
beholder lord !

Monday, December 17, 2012

i has a blog ? :D . kronston the renasce !

a sketch of kronston , he is a renasce ...a character brought back to life via a necromantic ritual. the renasce awaken with memories and consciousness of their past lives...and are more than a bit angry about being revived. typically they will be former mages / clerics / anti-paladins (kronston is a former anti-paladin) :w00t:.
Kronston the renasce !

Monday, December 3, 2012

flesh golem leaps ! watch out for falling codpieces ! ^^;...:D

more golem madness! ^^;...:D. sketch of a flesh golem leaping !
flesh golem leaps !

van vliet ! elven bard !

a sketch of van vliet , my elven bard -with accompanying stats...using 4d6 drop lowest die method ^^;. +2 for dexterity and intelligence and -2 to constitution...elven racial bonus :w00t:.
 alignment-chaotic good.
hp-6 :w00t:
abilities -
str- 12
dex- 13 +2 -15
con- 13 -2- 11
int- 14+2-16
cha- 17

van vliet ... ready for dungeon ! :D

Saturday, December 1, 2012

sylvain princess leaps ! new monster ! :D

a sketch of a sylvain princess ..the sylvain are essentially female centaurs - half female / half deer :w00t:...:D. she is fleeing an elven hunting party ^^;...she escapes :D. they are commonly called the fauni ....
sylvain princess leaps !

Thursday, November 29, 2012

space girl figures ! space girl / cultist face ! ^^;...:D

ok so a couple figures of eva lynn my sci-fi heroine ... she is a mecha pilot . trying a couple costumes-the future is a wild place :D. might be good for a traveller game ^^;..

eva stands !

eva still standing ! :D
sketch of eva again ... but i think this one could also be lunatic cultist :D
cultist stares !

added another to this post :w00t:... cyborg queen rages !
cyborg queen smolders !

the awaken ! ^^;..:D new creature and codpieces galore :D

a sketch of a couple of the awaken ...these are flesh golems that have regained consciousness and killed their creators ^^;. they will always be evil...good characters that awake as flesh golems inevitably go insane and end up killing themselves. evil characters however view this as a new lease on life .... they make for dangerous foes as they are incredibly strong and can, depending on their past class, cast spells ...and the glint off one of their codpieces will blind characters for 2 rounds :D

awaken stands ....

awaken again ...^^;

Sunday, November 25, 2012

cyborg sketches !

could also be ideas for golems ^^;...:D. maybe a golem lord :w00t:...

cyborg or golem lord / lady designs ...:D

drow with flesh golem ! introducing the surgeon class ! ^^;...:D

in drow society , golem making is almost an art form. drow that make flesh golems are called surgeons ... they make remarkably lifelike creations - that can at the highest levels speak and follow very advanced and complex commands. in fact the golems are highly desired by drow royalty as body doubles.

these golems will be heavily perfumed as something about their creation still smells of the artificial and unnatural ^^;...

drow surgeon with golem and ears have yet to be selected ...these will be grafted and/or sewn on ^^;...

flesh golem sketch ! ^^;...:D

a sketch of a flesh golem ^^;...this fellow is actually pretty well constructed(he has a piercing attack with nails grafted into one of his fists) and would prove highly valuable to a wizard or warlock-desiring a guard for his lab. golim's are much more reliable than undead...and in fact a golem that this one could be repaired relatively easily. he would obey simple commands-mainly ... kill ! :D. he has a shield grafted onto his back for additional protection...
flesh golem constructed from various barbarian parts...this fellow was designed by the east strul golem trading company :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

vampire hunter / gunsmith ! witchblade / ranger with handaxe

ok a couple of sort of futuristic ^^; designs....might be useful in a steampunk campaign or one with crazy gloves :D

gunsmith / vampire hunter on the prowl ^^;...:D
witchblade with hand axe ... could also be ranger with strange gauntlet :D

Thursday, November 15, 2012

cultist faces and more of the bridi !

some face sketches of a cultist ...^^;..:D

cultist faces
bridi male face and bridi priestess ...the bridi are a cross between orc and elf - bridi are culturally closer to the orcs...kamal are the more elf like of this union
bridi male face and bridi female priestess ^^;...:D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

rowena the cutpurse ! yep still prowling ! :D

another sketch of rowena , my cutpurse / thief / rogue character :w00t:...human character ^^;...:D

rowena the cutpurse ... still skulking around :D

a tour of dwarven society ... a beginning !

some quick sketches of the inhabitants of the dwarven city of Stulen ...more of these otw :w00t:

dwarven commoner ^^;...:D

dwarven cleric and various faces

elves ftw ! ... drow princess face ! ^^;...:D

a couple sketches of some elves ... i'm thinking these are scouts :D

elf scout standing ...

elf scout on the prowl ^^;...:D
sketch of a drow princess ... she has been captured by the kuo-toa ^^;...and is being treated fairly badly...she will escape !
drow princess in kuo-toa dungeon ^^;....she is planning her escape :w00t:

Monday, November 5, 2012

savage the halfling ! sian the ranger ! :w00t:

a couple more sketches ... first up is savage , my level one halfling fighter :w00t: and the other is sian my elven ranger :boogie:...

savage the halfling ... got dungeon :D

sian the elven ranger ...tracking orcs ^^;...:D

rowena the cutpurse ... prowling around !

a few sketches of my cutpurse character ...basically a thief / rogue :D. looking for loot ^^;...

rowena with short sword and thieves tools :D

rowena looking for loot ^^;

rowena still prowling :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

rowena the cutpurse ! on the prowl ! ^^;....:D

a sketch of rowena , my level one human cutpurse :w00t: ...a cutpurse is a thief who focuses on the thieving :D
rowena , the level one cutpurse ...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

new class ... hipparchs ! elven hipparch with simulcra and halfling hipparch :w00t:

ok so thought up a class of mechanics called hipparchs this point i haven't done much more than thought of the name :D. but a bare outline...they typically work in shops/yards and manufacture simulcra and golims -which travel with a hipparch on adventures, typically they go out looking for gems and other materials to power the golims . more stats and sketches otw.... elvish master hipparchs have been known to craft amazingly beautiful and almost lifelike simulcra .
elven hipparch stopping the platform her simulcra is on ^^;

halfling hipparch