Sunday, September 29, 2013

orcs ! an orcish skirmisher ...and a sketch of orc nobles !

an orcish skirmisher ... orcish light infantry . used to harass/and scout enemy armies.

an orcish skirmisher

a sketch of a clan of orcish nobles. these orcs control a wide swath of land that overlaps with dwarves and humans. the more provincial, and warlike, orcs are represented by shamans/warlords and barbarians(their appearance is also more 'orclike'-thicker necks more prominent fangs/tusks)...the orcs of the cities and courts(various princelings/merchants/necromancers/clerics) actually more resemble half orcs(thinner faces and fangs that are often filed down), these orcs reside in the lands that border human cities and outposts.

one makes a mistake to assume orcs are crude..orcish guile and cunning is legendary amongst their most hated enemy(the dwarves). orcish court politics would at times make even a drow gasp for breath :D.
various orcish nobles !

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

zombie royalty ....aka court zombie ... faces ! :D

been playing around with the idea of zombie royalty a court setting...plenty of palace intrigue. the zombie royals are most powerful and  live for hundreds of years...
zombie lords...

zombie princess strolls! ^^;...:D

Monday, September 23, 2013

various oc's ^^;...:D
regine , level 1 barbarian fighter :w00t:...:D

cherish the cleric :D

costaine , the druid who has fled his sect ^^;.. 
duergar scout ^^;...:D

savage , my halfling fighter 
cleric confronts succubus and pit fiend :D...

i can still has blog ...savage halfling returns ! more nsfw ^^;...:D

ok so back from the wilderness :D...been drawing a bunch of nudes lately so deal with it :XD:. anyways expect more of the usual madness. without further ado...

evil mages plot ^^;....:D

goblin queen stands :w00t:

goblin queen ...victory is at hand ! :D

goblin queen ...the long march !

red sonja is a halfling :w00t:

red riding hood ....battle ready :D

female necromancer ^^;