Wednesday, February 13, 2013

afro barbarian ! cadet libertine ! :D

one of the fierce afroed ^^;...:D...barbarians from the southern regions :w00t:
barbarian warrior with brigand head ^^;...
a sketch of cadet libertine , an astronaut / explorer aboard the centauri 5
cadet libertine ....alarum ! alarum! :D

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

savage the halfling ! drow priestess !

savage the halfling warrior ... with drow head ^^;...:w00t:
don't mess with halfling fighters :D
drow priestess ... sacrificial ceremony ^^;...
drow priestess ...a tribute to Lolth :w00t:

Friday, February 8, 2013

druig swamp witch casting spell ! ...^^;..

a sketch of a druig witch casting a spell .... druig spellcasters will often use organs as ingredients/reagents in this witch has done with a human heart ^^;...
druig witch ...casting a gory spell ...:faint:...:D

feral kat and the gargoyle head ! :D

every good burglar needs an escape route or three is feral kat , the very sexy oc of my friend katfood 25 , practicing a maneuver involving a flip over a gargoyle head ^^;..
feral kat and the escape route ...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

enter the druig ! ^^;...:D

this is Sittal Nur , a legendary druig hunter. the druigs are an ancient race of old or older than the mind flayers-and the two races have warred since they first crossed paths aeons ago. in this sketch Sittal lays in wait in the depths of the underworld-he has set traps and lures all over this cave system...he is hunting the  powerful mind flayer prince Renal ... needless to say the battle will be epic :D

druig hunter waiting for mind flayer prince ....

halfling thieves ftw ! :D

a couple of halfling thieves / cutpurses ...prowling around of course :D
halfling thieves ....looking for lootz :D

little red duergar hood ! red riding hood as a duergar ^^;...:D

the story of the red hood is one often told to duergar children at bedtime ...^^;...:D

red is on her way to visit her grandmother...when she is attacked by a hairless wolf with gleaming eyes :fear:...luckily at that moment a party of adventurers happens along, led by the stalwart paladin the party it looks like a dwarven teenager is being attacked by a monster(the wolf is actually a result of a twisted duergar experiment that turned a noble cleric into this beast) meanwhile is putting on a good show(screaming and crying...' being attacked by a vicious creature ...'). the party soon makes short work of the wolf and offers to accompany red on her way to grandma's furthers the illusion by telling the party that she is a lost dwarf and has been tortured by drow(they even shaved her head she whimpers :D). that night as the party lays down to slays each one of them ^^;

....continuing her journey-red soon formulates a plan to assassinate her grandma(she has quite of stash of valuable gems) she approaches the hut she uses hide in shadows :w00t: and sneaks in and throttles the elder duergar in her sleep...the end :XD:.
red hood ...on her way to grandma's house ^^;..:D

drow priestess and the temple carving ! :D

a drow priestess strolls in front of one of the carvings at a lolth temple , in the drow stronghold/trading post of sinloss ...
drow priestess and the spider carving...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

this and that ...cadet red ! red riding hood redesign! comrade dawnya ! :D

a sketch of cadet red astronaut of centauri corps -her vessel has crash landed on an alien planet-during her snooping around she found an alien skull and promptly put it on :D
cadet red exploring alien city ^^;...
a redesign of red riding hood this telling grandma was a french foreign legion sergeant-as a result red has been trained since childhood in small arms fire-she is also an excellent knife fighter and grappler ^^;...:w00t:...:D...could also be a design for a gunsmith ^^;.
red riding hood ...wolf you better watch out buddy ! :D

comrade dawnya (one of the most skilled of the soviet commandos in ww2) ....a determined woman is on her way to berlin-her mission? kill hitler ! she has briefly stopped along the way to make sure she's on the right road :D
comrade dawnya ... hitler it is on!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

r7 battalion commander ...gunsmith supreme ! :D

a sketch of danielle , the commander of r7 battalion ... she is standing outside the streets of tehran defending citizens from the attacks of mothra ^^;...iran will be defended :w00t:! could be useful as a gunsmith a daring game of pathfinder :D.
danielle ...kaiju beware !

Sunday, February 3, 2013

more r7 battalion soldiers ! future warriors ftw :w00t:.

more sketches / concepts of r7 battalion members ....these are futuristic (one uses the term loosely and lightly here ^^;...:D) soldiers that battle kaiju !

r7 battalion master diver ...swimming off the coast of norway-oslo will be defended !
master diver on the prowl for godzilla ...
r7 battalion commando ...ready for battle outside the streets of rio de janeiro, brazil :w00t:
r7 commando ...brazil will be defended !

Friday, February 1, 2013

winter warrior ... sci-fi edition! :D

a sketch of an atomic sniper of the r7 battalion ...her rifle while it looks primitive is actually powered by an atomic core ^^;...and of course shoots atomic bullets :w00t:-might be good for a traveller/steampunk game
atomic sniper of the r7 battalion ...standing outside moscow  !