Saturday, April 27, 2013

more of house eritheii ! :w00t:....decadent undead nobles ftw :D

ok more sketches of house eritheii i suspected they are moving away from cenobites...and now are decadent undead / vampire nobles. palace intrigue abounds of course :D
house eritheii nobles !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

mesmer , leader of the local thieve's guild visits the jailhouse ....mildly nsfw ^^;...:D

why is mesmer, the head of the local thieves guild, naked at the jailhouse pretending to be a farmer's wife ^^;...:D? does this call for some backstory  :D

would appear as if the local militia have rounded up a bunch of local farmers-the prince's prized deer has been slaughtered and skinned and the local village is paying the price for the animal's death. the dragnet caught up a roughneck named royston(who is actually a mid level thief) and he has been successfully posing as a farmhand but it is only a matter of time before his cover is blown. enter mesmer :D...the guards at the jail are notorious for demanding 'tribute' from family members wanting to visit prisoners...she makes this a short visit and royston and mesmer are soon off into the night :boogie:.
mesmer the jailhouse visit ^^;

lacerus the god of the imprisoned and oppressed !

 a sketch of lacerus the god of the imprisoned and oppressed :w00t:...
his story is one that depends on the one telling the poor and persecuted he is a wrongly imprisoned god-to the powerful and cruel he is cast as a political dissident and a violent criminal....his real story is presented here...

lacerus was a minor god of commerce imprisoned(and savagely tortured) because he had slurred Riggen, the powerful god of war(he was framed in the murder of the beautific, 10 of the most beautiful nymphs-personal handmaidens to the goddess of fertility...). after 400 years his sister Cloma(the goddess of travel) visited and he expected to be released...she said the court had found further evidence of his guilt and accused him of high crimes against the court...they had labeled him an insurrectionist.

truth be told, even at this early date, the handsome young god was becoming something of a folk hero to the masses-a symbol of the wrongfully accused. the gods were petty and fearful and condemned him to a 1000 more years in prison...if anything he was tortured with more ferocity than before...the years passed and the poor, the imprisoned(wrongfully and otherwise), the dissidents-they were his flock....their stories were his and he was their prince. soon he began to formulate plans of escape...

after each escape the walls of the prison were built 60 feet higher and 60 feet thicker...and the punishments grew more and more extreme...still the god endured! after 600 years his sister once again came to visit and told him that if he just held on another 100 years(with no escape attempts)- a movement was stirring that would have him freed. lacerus simply smiled...cloma was rather shocked at his demeanor 'brother after all of these years do you not want freedom...'...'release from this prison...?'...lacerus smiled again and said 'dear sister they haven't built me a prison, they have built me a castle...' ....50 years later with an army of prisoners lacerus slew his jailers and had the massive prison fortress as his own!

notes- a rather long backstory but necessary for a series of sketches of the priests (and of course priestesses :D ) of lacerus :boogie:....

sketch is here on my deviant page...mildly nsfw (male nudity ^^;...:D)
lacerus god of the imprisoned !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

i can has blog ! ....part fourteen ^^;....:D... sylvi scout and elven druid at the ruins ! mildly nsfw ^^;...:w00t:...:D

well ...ummm...haven't been updating that much (dissappeared for about 3 months ^^; has been eating away my time-damn you boss !)....anyways best way to get back is to get back :w00t: .... the sylvi are  essentially female centaurs ...half female half deer :w00t:. and the other sketch is of an elven druid fleeing the ruins of an ancient elven temple ...does some great evil lurk within....i would imagine it does :D.

sketch of a sylvi scout and an elven druid exploring some strange ruins ^^;...