Thursday, February 7, 2013

little red duergar hood ! red riding hood as a duergar ^^;...:D

the story of the red hood is one often told to duergar children at bedtime ...^^;...:D

red is on her way to visit her grandmother...when she is attacked by a hairless wolf with gleaming eyes :fear:...luckily at that moment a party of adventurers happens along, led by the stalwart paladin the party it looks like a dwarven teenager is being attacked by a monster(the wolf is actually a result of a twisted duergar experiment that turned a noble cleric into this beast) meanwhile is putting on a good show(screaming and crying...' being attacked by a vicious creature ...'). the party soon makes short work of the wolf and offers to accompany red on her way to grandma's furthers the illusion by telling the party that she is a lost dwarf and has been tortured by drow(they even shaved her head she whimpers :D). that night as the party lays down to slays each one of them ^^;

....continuing her journey-red soon formulates a plan to assassinate her grandma(she has quite of stash of valuable gems) she approaches the hut she uses hide in shadows :w00t: and sneaks in and throttles the elder duergar in her sleep...the end :XD:.
red hood ...on her way to grandma's house ^^;..:D

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