Wednesday, February 6, 2013

this and that ...cadet red ! red riding hood redesign! comrade dawnya ! :D

a sketch of cadet red astronaut of centauri corps -her vessel has crash landed on an alien planet-during her snooping around she found an alien skull and promptly put it on :D
cadet red exploring alien city ^^;...
a redesign of red riding hood this telling grandma was a french foreign legion sergeant-as a result red has been trained since childhood in small arms fire-she is also an excellent knife fighter and grappler ^^;...:w00t:...:D...could also be a design for a gunsmith ^^;.
red riding hood ...wolf you better watch out buddy ! :D

comrade dawnya (one of the most skilled of the soviet commandos in ww2) ....a determined woman is on her way to berlin-her mission? kill hitler ! she has briefly stopped along the way to make sure she's on the right road :D
comrade dawnya ... hitler it is on!

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