Thursday, October 3, 2013

orc mages ! orcish cleric and the war ritual ! ^^;...:D

orcish mages ...orcs typically focus on evoker schools(fire magic in particular...but there are also powerful necromantic orders ). mages will be relatively(compared to average orcs) slender as they have historically devoted themselves to studies versus labor and war...altho they are no strangers to the battlefield.
orcish mages !

orcish cleric and the war ritual ...orcs are highly finds altars a nearly constant presence in  orcish dwellings and a visitor will stand in awe(and fear ^^;) as he looks at the massive monuments to the orcish gods in the major cities. this priestess is performing a dance on one of the battle rituals..before battles the priestesses will perform these ritual dances
orcish priestess and the war ritual ^^:...:D

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