Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a survey of drow society ... drow priestess with pet ! and drow captain of the guard !

ok so a couple of characters from the drow city of sinloss ...this survey was conducted by a level two bard -he is sending back sketches and notes via a goblin courier ^^;. onward :D.

the first figure is a drow priestess, they will often wear elaborate spider themed headgear ...and little else ^^;. drow priestesses will have familiars ...these are typically spiders-but in this case the young lady has a carrion crawler larvae as a pet.

the second figure is a drow captain of the guard ... while males do adopt a subordinate role in drow society...some of them gain some measure of status due to acts of bravery in war.

drow priestess with carrion crawler larvae pet ^^;...:D

drow captain of the guard
as always visit my deviant art page for moah sketches :D

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