Monday, October 15, 2012

monster monday ... the sylvi !

ok so i drew up a monster for monster monday . i present the sylvi
backstory :
eons ago a team of elven druids and rangers was exploring the ancient dark regions of the forest....they came across a series of runes and mysterious symbols. all telltale signs of one of the elder gods(most of the elder gods are now dormant...just waiting)... ancient stones led the way to a grotto. our intrepid group entered the grotto.. most of the party was slaughtered by the evil beings inside...

a few of them survived, however, and were consumed by the mystical energies inside...transformed into strange creatures. they will have horns or antlers, resembling those of forest creatures-and it isn't unusual for them to have tails(usually like a deer or a fox).as their numbers grew, these creatures dominated regions of the forest...they were beaten back by the elves and driven into hiding in small enclaves in the forest. they call themselves the sylvi and speak an old tounge that to the ear sounds like archaic elvish... interspersed with odd clicks and whistles.  the sylvi are still hunted by elves, who use sylvi horns/antlers for ceremonial dress and ritual.

physically the creatures are very tough and powerful...they will  leap from trees or brush and attack adventurers with their clawed feet. they are also adept with daggers/short swords. but their real power lies in their casting ability...they cast as a druid one level higher than their own level. and they possess lethal charm spells...often called the sirens of the forest-their first method of attack will be to seduce or charm a member of a party. rangers and druids in particular have a difficult time resisting their call. sylvi are very cunning and will watch a party trek thru the forest for weeks at a time before making their move...and will defend their grottos/caves with terrific ferocity.

tho rare sylvi are still much feared and make powerful opponents- more powerful sylvi will have 3-10 human druids/rangers as thralls. they hunt constantly looking for creatures or adventurers to sacrifice in bizarre offerings to the elder gods.
sylvi prowler ... cr3

alignment-neutral or chaotic evil...depending on deity
armor-they won't wear much in the way of clothing ^^; ..because of  the speed of their movements in the forest their ac is effectively 2(outside of forest it is 7)
weapons-dagger and clawed feet ..(due to race hate they will gain an additional attack each round against any elves they encounter)
spells-druid spells at one level higher than their own level and a powerful charm person spell
hp- 6-8 per level
stats- 17-18 wisdom , 15 charisma(19 to woodland creatures and forest halflings, druids, and rangers)
companions- it is likely that even at low levels they will have a human druid or ranger as a higher levels they will definitely have a coven of them

as always visit my deviant page for more sketches :D

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