Sunday, October 14, 2012

bridi and kamal sketches ...

ok a new race ... split into two tribes.   they are the bridi and the kamal, the mix of orc and elf  ...most of the offspring were, initially at least,  the result of elves being captured by orcs ...^^; .

 the bridi (often insultingly called ' breed ') are closer culturally to the orcs...and often live amongst them. female bridi are highly valued as shamans and mystics...males are valued as scouts and ranged units. both can also be found as artisans and architects in large orc cities.

the kamal are closer to the elves and will have leaner features and often times will file their teeth to better fit into elvish society. they have carved out a niche role for themselves amongst the elves-females as sages and combat healers and males as members of powerful infantry units.

each group thinks of itself, despite the fact that to an outsider they appear to be the same, as superior to the other and it isn't unusual to find bridi and kamal tribes warring.

bridi and kamal faces

bridi war shaman and kamal priestess
for more sketches check my deviant art page here :D

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